Question The Professional: What can I do about reduced blood strain?

have actually reduced blood strain – what triggers it and is there something I can do to control it? Marie, 40

For some men and women blood strain is in a natural way reduced simply because their kidneys are especially excellent at flushing surplus sodium from the physique. Technically hypotension, as it is recognized, is identified when blood strain falls beneath 90/60 mmHg. If you really do not have signs it does not always want managing, but it can lead to men and women to truly feel light-weight-headed, dizzy and exhausted, and knowledge problems, nervousness, despair and bad focus, all because of to lowered blood circulation to the mind.

If you have any of these signs and your potential to perform effectively is impacted, your physician might advise rising your consumption of nutritional desk salt, and to steer clear of dehydration by consuming lots of drinking water. It is also sensible to steer clear of liquor, vigorous workout, standing up all of a sudden and obtaining more than-heated. Elasticated compression stockings, socks or calf sleeves can also aid by halting blood from pooling in your legs simply because of gravity.

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